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Why We Exist

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Our Vision

To provide sustainable help and support to the homeless, the poor, the needy and disadvantaged, the widows and everyone that needs a helping hand locally and internationally.

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Our Mission

We will help the needy by; Providing food and clothes to sustain people, providing accommodation for security and protection, providing medical assistance to maintain health, providing educational programmes to empower people…

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Our Values

Often we view poverty as a money or resource issue but ask those who are experiencing poverty and they refer to terms such as loneliness, shame, fear and humiliation. They feel powerless to remove themselves from this situation…

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There is a misconception in life, that if we get stuff we’ll be happy, which leads most people to building their own little empire. Life isn’t about living for ourselves, trying to satisfy our desires, it’s about how we relate to and care for one another…

Donations are always appreciated, and if you feel like donating generally to wherever is most needed then it's as easy as clicking the button to help someone in need.

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About us

building partnerships & projects to build lives of hope

Hands and Feet works through strategic partnerships to bring relief to people in need on a project by project basis. These projects are run in Australia and Overseas in countries recognised by our Australian Government for foreign aid.

Hands and Feet depends on the generous giving of its supporters to allow the work to continue. We encourage interested people to examine the different projects and to give towards a project that touches their heart. Where possible the projects will be registered as “Deductible Gift Recipients” providing a tax break to those who give. DGR status will be clearly shown where it applies to a project.

COVID-19 Update

In this difficult time, a lot of people are struggling to get what they need to survive day to day. Hands & Feet are committed to continuing to help in this troubling time. Our distribution centres are still up and running and ready to help out their communities. Each distribution centre is receiving updates from our head office about the new government regulations that they need to conform to and have put precautions into place to ensure the safety of everyone that come to collect food.