March 25, 2015

Who We Help

Hands and Feet help those who are economically, socially, and educationally disadvantaged around the world. Our constitution specifically refers to the homeless, the poor, orphans and widows.  We are a lucky country and have a great capacity to help those who are less fortunate.

The form of help will change depending on how we partner and who our partners are. Our funding may go towards accommodation, medical assistance, education or social welfare projects. We also offer micro financing schemes to communities to help them build a better community for themselves. Current projects will be displayed on this site allowing opportunity for people to support these projects.

We are open to work with churches, individuals and companies helping them direct funds to projects in a tax effective manner, supporting our base aim of helping those in need.

Thus in effect we end up helping those who our supporters are most passionate about. We’ll check and ensure that the process is transparent and that the funds get to the people in need and that there is an accountable system in place to honour the giving.