June 5, 2019

Brewarrina Building

Brewarrina is a small town in outback NSW, with 1200 residents.  60% of the Community identify as Indigenous. Two years ago this community had the awful statistic of having the highest suicide rate of any country town in Australia.  Isaac Gordon and his team have been working in the community to address this massive concern.  This team now runs the local AA meeting, has a youth meeting with over 70 young Aboriginals and can rejoice that in the last 18 months, there has not been a suicide in the Community.

Hands and Feet (H&F) in Partnership with Stewards Foundation have purchased a shop in the middle of the town to provide a place for our team to hold meetings, do training and to continue to develop services to help the Community.  H&F have just started providing NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in the town providing help to people with disabilities and providing employment opportunities for local young people.

We are looking for help to refurbish this building so we can use it to further help this Community.

How Can You Help?

To finish the refurbishment we will need to raise $100 000 to purchase the materials to complete the job.  
To date we have $10000 in the kitty.  To complete the works we need to find another $90000.  Please help us help Brewarrina.

All donations are tax deductible when donated through H&F.  

We would encourage our friends to consider this project as we approach the end of the financial year.  Help us help an amazing Community.  

Brewarrina Fundraiser

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Donation Total: $100

Donations can be direct debited to
   Acc Name:   Hands and Feet Inc Projects
   BSB:              802 759
Acc No:        100 000 467
Please email info@handsandfeet.com.au after you donate with your details so we can issue your DGR Receipt.