March 25, 2015


Hands and Feet relies on the generous donations of individuals, churches and companies to fund the projects that we support.

These projects are identified in different ways, some being initiated by people seeking support, some by donors who want to help specific people in need.

The advantage with partnering with Hands and Feet is that we can work with our supporters to tailor make projects that reflect the heart of our supporters.  We will provide the tax deductibility, the accountability processes and ensure that the funds get to those on the ground who are needy.  Where possible we use the local church all around the world to help us implement and manage support given to those in need.

Thus we can receive gifts for existing projects (check out the great projects already running) or investigate the support of new projects in consultation with our supporters.

We charge an 8% admin fee on all donations to allow us to adequately monitor and administer the distribution of gifts to those in need.