August 9, 2016




We are always looking for people to help us out as we “Help people in Need”.  There are many ways and opportunities to help out.

Hands and Feet Warehouse

  1. Help us deliver food on Friday Nights to the homeless.
  2. Truck Drivers (Class MR or above) to pick up and deliver food.
  3. We are looking for a full time volunteer warehouse manager who can help us manage and keep the warehouse running in an ordered fashion.

If you want to help out Contact us


We are looking for people to champion the cause of Hands and Feet in our churches.  We partner with churches to help them connect with their community.  We do this by providing food to churches to share with people in in need in their community.  We have a number of other resources to help churches connect with their community.

  1. Budget Care:  Teaching people how to budget their finances
  2. Job Care:  Helping people find a job.

If you would like a Hands and Feet representative to come and speak at your church, contact us.

There are many opportunities for churches to share in our work of Hands and Feet.  If you’d like to promote and champion Hands and Feet in your church, contact Brad.