September 21, 2017



Hands & Feet are offering NDIS in different locations around NSW, our list of locations is always expanding and we hope to be in your area soon. You can find a full list of our services on our Services Page.

Hands & Feet NDIS Locations

LocationAddressContact NameContact NumberContact Email
Kings Park Community Church1/13 Turbo Road, Kings Park, NSW 2148Katrina Torrance0425 298
Ephraim House102 Amaroo Drive, Moree, NSW 2400Erin Strahan0413 115
Please contact the area manager closest to you to discuss accessing services with Hands & Feet.


If you are interested in viewing or providing feedback on our policies, you will find some of our policies on our Policies Page.


If you are need help accessing NDIS services through Hands & Feet, please contact Reuben Torrance.
Phone: 0426 797 382


If you have any feedback or complaints please let us know here.