May 27, 2015

Trans India Ministries

TransIndia Ministries (TIM), a Society, registered with the government of India in 2010, (registration number T268/10), has its head office at Eden Gardens, Perambra, Kozhikode, Kerala.

TIM offers a wide range of services: Outreach Programs, Church Planting, Children’s Programs, Leadership Training, Education Services, Women’s Ministry, Vocational Training, and Community Development Programs.

TIM is governed by a Board of 11 members, including a president, general secretary, treasurer, and eight committee members. The Board is comprised of a highly qualified membership of theologians, senior pastors, leaders, lawyers and health professionals.

TIM have 2 major projects that they are currently raising funds for through Hands & Feet. Logos International School & Malabar Institue of Fashion Design.

Logos International School  (Logosis)

Project Vision

Positive transformation of lives through education: building sustainable communities by educating children to become the nation-builders and global leaders in the emerging knowledge society.

Project Objectives

The project seeks to

  • Provide quality Christian education to children and communities irrespective of their cast, colour, and socio-economic status.
  • Build sustainable communities by equipping children virtuously, intellectually, socially, culturally and globally.
  • Promote the gospel of Christ through education for a life of hope based upon Christian values and ethical principles.
  • Transform lives and communities to secure and promote equality, freedom, and social justice.
  • Create corruption-free communities by training the future citizens and leaders of India.
  • Provide an apologetic and ministry contact point for Christian Community Churches of India to penetrate into the context.

Project Location

Logos International School is a Christian school based in Perambra Village, which is a Hindu-Muslim community. Perambra is a town in Koyilandy taluk of Kozhikode district in North Malabar region of Kerala State. Christianity in this area is a small minority. Culturally, women do not have equal privileges with men in their family, community, workplace, education, and social status

Project Status

  • Start Date: June 2016
  • Student Body: 2016 – 8 students to 2020:200 students
  • Classes Taught: Kindergarten to Year 4
  • Accredited with: NIOS
  • Accredited for: Kindergarten to Year 8
  • Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff: 12


  • Venue: The school operates in a small rental accommodation
  • Land: The school owns 3.1 acres of land


  • Funding for the establishment of the school has been provided.
  • Funding is now required to build a school on the school land.
  • Funding is required to purchase a school bus to transport the children.

Ongoing support is required of $2500 per month for ongoing expenses over the next two years.

Malabar Institute of Fashion Design (MIFD)

Project Vision

Empowering under-privileged and oppressed women through the provision of nationally accredited vocational training and education, which will equip them for work-place opportunities and secure a social status in the community.

Project Objectives

The project seeks to

  • Equip women in life-changing workplace skill development, interpersonal skill development, and encourage them toward self-sustainability.
  • Train women to create business opportunities for themselves to make a living.
  • Educate them regarding legal rights and privileges by introducing them to awareness programs.
  • Create opportunities for women to experience a social status equal to men in the context through the privilege of a job and regular income.
  • Establish a micro-finance system to create job opportunities for women to contribute to the community.

Project Location

The project is based in Pembara Village, which is a town in Koyilandy taluk of Kozhikode district in North Malabar region of Kerala State. Major religions are Islam and Hinduism with Christianity a very small minority. Women do not have equality in the home, community, education and social status.

Projected Outcome

At the end of this training program, each candidate will have the following Pathways. They will be:

  • equipped and qualified to find a job in the fashion industry in India, which will contribute to their livelihood.
  • eligible to apply for a small business loan from TransIndia Ministries in order to start a business. (Those who receive a loan must start paying it back in small instalments after 12 months)
  • employed by TIM’s small business industries to produce garments, embroidery etc.
  • well-informed about their legal rights and privileges in family and community

Project Status

  • The institute has been operational from 1st July 2015.
  • The project is registered with Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS), which is the national development agency promoted by the planning commission, Government of India to ensure public cooperation for implementing governmental plans.

Qualifications Registered

  • Certificate in Fabric Making (6 Months Course)
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing (1 Year Course)

Student Body

  • By March 2019 more than 50 students have been trained.


Venue: Program is run in a rented building


  • Funding for the establishment of the school has been provided.
  • Ongoing support is required of $1050 per month to pay ongoing expenses over the next few years.

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