January 10, 2017

Living Hope Zambia

Living Hope, Zambia, was formed when husband and wife team, David (local Gympie man) and Mary (born and raised in Zambia) were asked to take in a 3 month old baby boy who had been turned over to Social Welfare by his father. His mother had died from complications in child-birth and his father was not equipped to care for him. The child would have died had his father kept him, so in love, he gave him up.

They realized that this family, like many others in Zambia, short-term was unable to provide adequate care for the infant child, but long-term, with some equipping and support should be able to. Living Hope Zambia’s aim is to care for these children short-term, so that long-term we can return them to their families, instead of placing them in institutional care.

Wynnum Christian Community Church is partnering with Hands and Feet to raise funds for the following projects.

Container Ministry

Collecting items that help improve the health, education, food production and clothing of the local community.  These are collected and shipped to Zambia through the Container Ministry based out of Wynnum QLD.  Each container costs approximate $12000 to ship from Australia and arrive on site at LHZ.  Goods purchased for shipping to LHZ and contributions to the shipping costs are eligible for tax deductibility.

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LHZCM    (To support the Container Ministry)

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